Catering Traditional Mexican Food

Eli’s Delicious Mission
Specializing in favorites such as Carnitas, Pollo Asado, Mole, Fajitas, Costilla en Salsa, Chicharon, Pozole, and much more, Eli’s Market doubles as a caterer of freshly prepared Traditional Mexican Dishes.

From small backyard gatherings to large festive parties, Eli’s team can accommodate any catering request.

Mexican Food Catering for Special Events Like:
⦁ Corporate Events
⦁ Family Gatherings
⦁ Sporting Events, Soccer Games
⦁ Baptisms, Christenings
⦁ Graduations
⦁ Weddings
⦁ Funerals

In a location known for its fair share of quality Mexican Food, Cook, Will and DuPage county have been quick to embrace Eli’s and its freshly prepared Traditional Mexican Dishes.



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